Posted on: March 8, 2009 7:53 pm


  1. UNC- Who can you really rank at #1? Not Memphis, Uconn lost, Pitt has choked number one away twices RECENTLY.. No other options
  2. Pitt- Probably your overall 1 seed unless they lose in the first round of the BE tourney. Its ahrd to beat a rival 3 times in the same year so it could happen.  
  3. Louisville- Big East champs, probably wont make a 1 seed without winning the BE tourney. Ill take a 2 seed in Memphis or Oklahomas bracket and be happy.
  4. Uconn
  5. Memphis
  6. Michigan st- B10 champions, could deserve a 1 seed but only if they win the B10 tourney. I think they deserve it more than OU or memphis but I doubt itll happen. They are in love with Blake Griffin and teams that have lost 3 of 4 games.
  7. DUke- Have looked good since their early february collapse.
  8. Nova
  9. Oklahoma- lost 3 of 4, now 3 of 5. Be lucky to make the elite 8.
  10. Wake
  11. Zaga
  12. Washington
  13. Kansas
  14. Syracuse
  15. UCLA- Only Arizona and Washington teams have beat UCLA in a loooong time.
  16. Missouri
  17. Marquette
  18. Florida st
  19. BYU- Could be "cinderella" of this years tourney.
  20. Clemson
  21. WVU- Maybe they deserve it, maybe not, we will see in the coming weeks.
  22. Oklahoma st- Good SOS and RPI, why not.
  23. Purdue
  24. Auburn- Just threw them in here, they are hot, they dont deserve to be ranked but I cant find a different team playing better right now.
  25. LSU


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Posted on: March 1, 2009 6:59 pm
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Poll 3-01-09

  1. Uconn- A new number 1 and a new number 1 who will only make it a week, this team will lose on saturday, it will happen. I almost considered ranking Memphis number 1 just to ensure I didnt have to change it next week.
  2. Memphis
  3. Louisville- probably the 4th best resume for a 1 seed although it would be close with MSU. Both of their resumes are better than Memphis and Oklahoma.
  4. Pittsburgh-
  5. UNC-
  6. Michigan st-Looked good vs Illinois today be interesting to see the next Purdue/MSU game.
  7. Oklahoma- Two loses in a row without Griffin. Missouri and OU play this week and after Mizzous beating this weekend they should be ready to take it out on OU.
  8. Duke
  9. Marquette- 2 loses to 2 top 5 teams is nothing to be ashamed of.
  10. Zaga
  11. Kansas
  12. Missouri
  13. Nova
  14. Purdue
  15. Wake Forest
  16. Florida st
  17. WVU
  18. Clemson
  19. LSU
  20. Washington
  21. BYU
  22. Wisconsin
  23. Syracuse- Who doesnt lose to UL, Villanova x2, Pitt, and UConn. They have a lot of loses but most are quality loses, whoever gets this team in the tourney will be in trouble. I suggest the Hack-a-jack and hack-a-uaku strategy, they have some terrible FT shooters.
  24. Arizona st
  25. UCLA- I couldnt find a different team to rank, they are still a dangerous team.


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  1. Pittsburgh- Undisputed number 1 team in the nation. 4 games remaining, 80%+ chance of winning 3/4 (Pomeroy). Only possible loss is to UConn the last game of the regular. Basically Im saying they should stay here a while. 
  2. Memphis- Not really the second best team in the nation. Put them against any of my top 10 teams and they lose them all, but they keep winning so you cant really punish them for that. 
  3. Uconn- Plays at Marquette this week which could be a tough game, I have no clue how Marquette will stop thabeet but at the same time how will Uconn stop Marquettes guards without Dyson. 
  4. Louisville- Offense is starting to click, Our efficiency was around 100 now its around 55. The passing has gotten much better scoring 99,94 and 72 against 2 bubble teams and a terrible team. Favored to lose on big monday vs GTown but I dont see it, we struggled for a few games with Twill hurt but since then with the passing better theyve been on a role. Team is clicking. 
  5. Oklahoma- Theres a reason they are 18th in Pomeroys rankings.. They simply arent that good. If this team haapens to sneak out a 1 seed they will probably be the first to lose. If my team were a 2 or 3 seed I would lose to see OU as my 1 seed. 
  6. UNC- I think they are a good team but this is now 2 loses to average teams. Still probably the most talented team in the nation and are probably the favs to win the championship.  
  7. Marquette- Deserve a one seed if they could possibly win out, but with their remaining schedule it would be easy for them to go winless. Pitt, UL, Uconn, and Syracuse... Ouch. Either way they are a dangerous team, depending on matchups they could be in the tourney for awhile. Probably wouldnt do well against OU or any other team with a center they run the offense too. MU vs Uconn should be a good game to see where they are this week. 
  8. Missouri - Cant wait to see them play OU and Kansas again. Right now they are ranked pretty high for only 1 win vs a ranked team. I dont know what to think about this team. 
  9. Michigan st- It doesnt look like any Big 10 team is elite but almost the entire conference is decent, Purdue and MSU seem like the obvious leaders with Hummel healthy.   
  10. Nova- Great, Underrated team. Loses to Uconn, UL, Marquette and WVU are nothing to be ashamed of. This is a dangerous tourney team, dont overlook them. 
  11. Duke
  12. Zaga- Lots of talent but they really dont have any good wins, theyve lost 4 of their 5 loses are too teams I have ranked but they have 0 wins against teams I would put in the tourney. Tenn and St Marys are the best wins they have. This would be a tough team to seed/rank. 
  13. Kansas- Tied for the Big XII lead, Tomorrows game vs Kansas should be great. I may have them ranked a little low so if they can win all their games this week they should be top 7 or 8 next week. 
  14. WVU- Lots of loses but look at their schedule and who their loses have come to. Another tough team to rank because they have lots of decent wins and no bad loses.
  15. Clemson-
  16. Purdue- If Hummel is actually helthy this team should continue to rise with 3 very winnable games and then a showdown at MSU.
  17. Wake Forest-
  18. Arizona st-  LOL you rushed the court after beating an unranked team at home by 2 points, how sad. I drop you in the ranks for being so sad. 
  19. Florida st- 
  20. Arizona
  21. LSU
  22. Wisconsin
  23. Washington
  24. Utah
  25. Illinois
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Posted on: February 8, 2009 6:29 pm

Poll 2-8-09

  1. Uconn
  2. UNC
  3. Pitt
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Louisville
  6. Duke
  7. Memphis
  8. Wake Forest
  9. marquette
  10. UCLA
  11. Villanova
  12. Michigan st
  13. Xavier
  14. Gonzaga
  15. Kansas
  16. Utah st
  17. Clemson
  18. Missouri
  19. Syracuse
  20. Butler
  21. West Virginia
  22. Purdue
  23. Arizona st
  24. BYU
  25. Florida st.
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Poll 2-1-09

  1. Uconn- Another new number one. They get a tough road test vs Louisville on Monday, a few weeks ago they knocked off Pitt @ number 1 and I see it happening again.
  2. UNC- Hansbrough draws 9 fouls every 40 minutes (#1 in the nation) of play and only commits 2.5... Yeah ok
  3. Louisville- Back to their preseason ranking position. I think they beat Uconn on monday. In the win vs WVU we had a 20 point halftime lead and let it slip away in the second half. In large part they came back because of poor play by Earl Clark and TWill, I know both will show up large for this huge game. Jerry Smith also found his 3 point range for the first time in a month or so, Everything is set up and you know Pitino well let them hear about their second half collapse.
  4. Duke-Lost to a good team, no shame in that.
  5. Oklahoma- They are a good team and have a decent resume but this isnt a top 5 team.
  6. Pitt- Completely different team with Blair in foul trouble.
  7. Marquette-Playing good basketball and could run their streak for a long time with a pretty easy schedule. But then they end with a bang @ Pitt, Louisville and Georgetown. And then at home vs Syracuse and GTown. Could easily see them going 1-4 in these games. OUCH
  8. Xavier
  9. Wake Forest
  10. Butler- They should be ranked but not top 10
  11. Purude
  12. Gonzaga
  13. Memphis
  14. Texas- Texas is a mystery but everyone else keeps losing so they continue to not drop too far.
  15. UCLA-
  16. Syracuse- Lost 4 of 5... Why are they ranked so high? Everyone else is losing too.
  17. Michigan state-
  18. Villanova-
  19. Utah state-
  20. Washington- Could be the team to beat in the Pac10.
  21. West Viriginia- Pretty good team but they dont really have the resume to be ranked right now, problem is.. who is there to replace them? If I were playing a team Id be much more worried about WVU then teams like St marys, Illinois, or Arizona st.
  22. Kansas- On a pretty nice run, this next week will prove a lot about this team with games against Baylor, OK st, and Mizzou.
  23. Minnesota- Beat Illinois this week so they deserve the spot over the Illini.
  24. Clemson-
  25. Missouri-
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Edited on: January 26, 2009 2:13 am

Poll 1-25-09

  1. Duke- I said they deserved number 1 last week and now after Wake proved themselves unworthy, they should definently be number one.
  2. UNC-
  3. Pitt-Only loss to a top 10 (probably better) Louisville team on the road, Good SOS, Ill take this team over UConn for now. Got a pretty tough stretch coming up starting with WVU tonight.
  4. UConn- Relatively easy week coming up (for the BE) then they get to come to Louisville for a Big Monday game (hopefully ranked number 1).
  5. Louisville- Almost back to where they started pre-season.
  6. Wake Forest-I figured it was only a matter of time but I didnt think it would come this fast.
  7. Oklahoma-
  8. Xavier-
  9. Marquette- They keep winning and winning. This week should prove a lot with a game at ND and home against Gtown. If they can stay undefeated in BE itll show a lot.
  10. Texas
  11. Butler
  12. Michigan State-
  13. Syracuse- Actually climbed a little bit in my rankings after losing to UL because everyoen else lost and theirs was the best. Still if they are supposed to be a top 10-15 team youve got to win on your home court.
  14. Purdue- Dont be confused this team isnt a top 15 team.
  15. Arizona State-
  16. Zaga-
  17. Illinois-
  18. UCLA- Four pretty tough games coming up but they are all at home, either way with their recent games I dont see them winning more than 2 of these.
  19. Utah State-
  20. Memphis-Good win over a rival who is still tumbling.
  21. Nova- All good loses but no real good wins is a problem. They need to prove themselves against Pitt this week or they may have to fall out of here
  22. Georgetown-
  23. Washington-
  24. West Virginia-
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  1. Duke- I think they deserve number 1 because of the resume, sure they have a loss but they have played a much tougher schedule than Wake. Duke is number 3 in SOS, others in the top 5 have 3 loses + at this point. So theyve done pretty well. I still dont like the team and dont trust them but they must be number one.
  2. Wake Forest- Cant really argue with undefeated but Im not buying into them being number 1 with a relatively easy schedule.
  3. UNC
  4. Pitt- Not a bad loss but when you lose you gotta drop some, Pittsburgh has been more impressive than UNC, but this is how it works out this week.
  5. UConn
  6. MSU
  7. Louisville- Number 1 densive team in the nation (by a lot too). Has to be one of the hottest teams in the nation with 4 good wins in 2009.
  8. Oklahoma- Im not buying this team, I look back to the tourney last year every time we play them and quite frankly they just werent that good. I think they are way overrated here but until they play someone itll stay this way. 
  9. Xavier
  10. Texas
  11. Marquette
  12. UCLA
  13. Georgetown- Losing 3 of 5 isnt helping them but hey have had the hardest schedule in the Nation and the start to the BE schedule has to be the toughest.
  14. Clemson
  15. Syracuse- Got worked by Georgetown and also worked ND. This week will show what this teams about, will lose to Pitt and a toss up with UL. Syracuse needs a win over one of these teams with a very tough stretch coming up. 
  16. Butler
  17. Arizona st
  18. Purdue
  19. Zaga
  20. Villanova
  21. Notre Dame
  22. St Marys
  23. Minnesota
  24. Illinois
  25. Kentucky- I dont know if they will make it but theyve looked good and they have pretty good efficiency numbers. Only win is WVU, UT is decent at best with the way they are playing. But between 20-35 is just a revolving door, all the teams are pretty much identical.
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Posted on: March 23, 2008 2:26 pm

My picks from the draft

  1. - Georgetown +1
  2. - Louisville +1
  3. - Washington State +1, +2
  4. - Marquette +1
  5. - Villanova +1
  6. - Arkansas +1
  7. - Oral Roberts
  8. - UMBC

Looks like Ill get 6 more points today. Lets go Arkansas!
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